Serving Sustainability


or 16,7% of every transaction gives back locally with an enviromental cause.

Rising awareness

Informing the public on how to reduce the use of harmful products, improve waste management, and other ways to support their local environment.

Protective measures

Working together with local authorities and organisations to establish infrastructure that will prevent environmental hazards from occurring.


Reinforcing an ecosystem by removing litter. populating a landscape with indigenous plants, supporting animal life, and more.



Provide your professional skills to maintain and develop an eco-center. Complete projects periodically or occasionally while getting paid by your hourly rate.


Support the ongoing efforts of an eco-center as a volunteer or by donation. Your assistance will encourage eco-centers to reach a state where it can continue to grow.



Create availability and share your skills whether you have experience in gardening, music, sculpting, or other interesting subjects. You can host your activity at an eco-center or at an independent location.


Make your spaces a biotope of sustainable human evolution. Welcome participants, hosts, and collaborators to interact while enjoying a variety of activities and learning from each other.

How it will work

make your schedule

Get proposed schedules while searching by location, dates, and more. You can also customize a schedule that fits your budget, interests, and other needs. A schedule is made based on the availability of the hosts and spaces.

reserve your activities

Proceed to payment and get a confirmation of your booking. You will have a history of all your payments and be able to keep track of your upcoming activities.

enjoy your visit

Show upfront your booking confirmation from our mobile app or have it printed. You can send a review to your hosts and gain feedback from them as well.